High-Productivity Cutting

Did you know!

In addition to waste savings, cut list optimisation results in an appreciable productivity improvement as you handle less material and make fewer trim cuts!

Typical FIFO jobbing with manual stop

Typical FIFO jobbing with manual stop

  • Material required: 6 m, qty = 30
  • Material waste: 21.7%
  • Cutting time: 68 mins
ProfiStop® Length Stop with optimisation

ProfiStop® Measuring Stop with optimisation

  • Material required: 6 m, qty = 24
  • Material waste: 2.1%
  • Cutting time: 56 mins

On-Screen Optimisation

Get the benefit of yield-maximised cut lists without spending your time managing stock. Send the same cut list you use today to ProfiStop®. Your operator selects material input, ProfiStop® optimises the cut list. Material waste is reduced, without thinking about it.

Adhesive Labels and Bar-Code Printing

Sort out your many parts by labelling them. ProfiStop® can print job or part information labels automatically for every cut made including bar codes. Especially effective for yield-optimised job lists or large production volume cutting.


Our cloud-based designs, job and material management solution seamlessly integrated with ProfiFeed Cutting Line. Automatically group and optimise your many daily jobs and send to the machine with a click of the mouse.

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